Steve has been photographing our events for many years and does a beautiful job. Several years ago we commissioned him to do special photos of the members of our program in sepia. These photos are amazing – they are not pictures – they are representations of the very essence of each of our members. Looking at them gives the viewer a sense of their strength, vulnerability and humor. In our experience he is the most compassionate and talented professional. It is a joy to work with him.

Carol Albanese, Executive Director, Opportunity Project, Inc., A Clubhouse Program Empowering People with Brain Injury, through education, awareness, and services.

* * *

I have had the good fortune of hiring Steve to do the occasional photo shoot for us in the New York City area. Being out of state (Kentucky), you would think it would be somewhat difficult to get the shots that we need for our publications. But not when we work with Steve. He takes instructions well, provides a fast cost estimate, works well with the person he is shooting and gets the images to us on time.

Linda Perry, Managing Editor, University of Kentucky Alumni Magazine

* * *

Steve and I have worked together for nearly 20 years and it that time he has always conducted himself at the highest standards of professionalism. Steve is a creative thinker who always applies himself to his assignments and works hard to produce the best results for The Star-Ledger. He is a versatile photographer and can easily transition from the rigors of a newspaper assignment into a corporate or private client setting. Steve also has a terrific track record of delivering the finished product on time and within budget. In the time we have worked together the photograph world has completely revolutionized and Steve has kept pace with the developments and is able to offer clients the latest digital technologies.

Christopher Collins, Director of Photography, The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ

* * *

My agency has worked with Steve at Harvard Studio now for four years. The project is an annual, large- scale fashion shoot for a British publication, using amateur models. The shoots include 12 covers and some challenging locations. Every year Steve brings new inspiration and creativity to the task. He has a gift for putting nervous models at their ease and a warm and generous manner, which makes him a pleasure to work with.

Caroline Donaldson-Sinclair, Director, WixHill PR Ltd, London

* * *

I've been working with Steve Hockstein at Harvard Studio Photography since 1992. Our most recent collaboration reminded me of why he is my "go to" photographer – Steve embodies every aspect of professionalism – from how he represents himself and his business, through set up, photography and delivery of the finished product. The quality of Steve's work is clearly evident at Harvard Studio’s website. What it does not show is the gift Steve possesses in relating to his subjects, making them feel at ease and capturing just the right expression every time. When I was faced with the task of photographing 29 individual physicians in an "assembly line" fashion, I immediately contacted Steve. He made each person feel at ease in front of the camera and was able to capture their unique personalities – which is not easy to do given the demands on a physician's time. I have used Steve's work for portraits, exteriors, interiors and still life and the quality of his work excels regardless of subject.

Mark Scala, Partner, Symmetre Design Group, LLC, Ridgewood, NJ

* * *

Having worked with Steve on three far from straightforward shoots across the United States, I have nothing but praise and admiration for his skill as a photographer and his outstanding relationship with his subjects. Not only does he have a great eye for what will create memorable and compelling shots, he also has an unrivalled ability to communicate and put both his models and support crew at ease. I can think of no greater testimonial than the fact that we have returned to Steve year after year for shoots in the US and hope that our transatlantic relationship continues for many more to come.

Robin Searle, Managing Editor, Travel Weekly Group, London

* * *

I have worked with Steve several times over the past 25 years. He is an accomplished photographer that brings intelligence, art, and creativity to each project. I am always happy with the final product and know that I can rely on Steve to deliver exactly what I need.

Tom Buchbinder, Partner, Chase-Wilson, Mahwah, NJ

* * *

Steve shoots my annual projects and every time I am completely satisfied with beautiful photos! Steve is exceptionally courteous and efficient. I would never use another photographer!

Rebecca Van Ness, Residency Coordinator, JFK Family Medicine, Edison, NJ